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It’s Important to Help when Someone Needs It

When my best friend called me one night and said she needed help leaving her husband, I told her I would fly out and help her as soon as possible. I needed to schedule a flight, secure a rental vehicle and make sure that I got everything under control in my own home before leaving. I knew that I needed to hurry because she said that her husband was being physically abusive. When I asked her if he had ever hurt her before, she said that he had definitely done that. It was new news to me, and I was very worried about her.

My friend has always been very independent in all the time that I had known her. So, when she met the man who is now her husband, I was surprised at first by how she let everything in her life fall to the wayside while she devoted almost all of her time to him. We live in different states, but she had always kept in touch with me each week with phone calls, emails or chat messages. After she met her future-husband, months would often go by before she would contact me or even answer my contact requests. I’ve now learned that this was because he was very possessive with her.

I once had an acquaintance who was physically abused so badly by the person she was dating that she ended up in the hospital. Many people knew that her boyfriend at that time was abusive, but no one really took it very seriously. I was determined to not let that happen to my closest friend who has been close to me for many years. After requesting time off of work, getting a dog sitter for my dogs and throwing some clothes in my backpack, I flew out to help her get away. I showed up with my rental car, and I whisked her away to find an apartment for her to live in without the husband.

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