4 Tips To Extend the Life of Your Car Battery

Many things impact the life of a car battery from hot weather evaporating battery fluids to the vibrations caused by not having your battery tightly fastened. While moving somewhere with a cooler climate if you live someplace warm could help, there are plenty of other ways to extend the life of your battery that don’t require relocation.

4 Tips To Extend the Life of Your Car Battery

1. Regularly Test Your Battery

You can purchase a battery tester or visit a shop that will test it for you. A shop will also test for corrosion and check to ensure your battery is securely fastened. Regularly testing batteries Winter Garden FL will keep you apprised of the condition of your battery, giving you confidence when you’re on the road.

2. Take Care of the Whole Vehicle

Regular oil changes and properly timed tune-ups support the life of your car and in turn extend the life of your battery. Not only will your car last longer, but your battery will also thank you.

3. Plan a Road Trip

Your battery charges while driving so short trips can really take a toll. If you don’t normally drive much or for extended periods of time, consider taking some longer highway road trips at least once a month to improve the life of your battery.

4. Skip Electronics When Idling

If you’re sitting with your car idling, it’s a good idea to turn off the electronics your battery supports. Turning off the radio, taking your phone off the charger, and turning off the air conditioner will put less demand on the battery. Also consider limiting extended idling time, as this can also diminish battery life.

The peace of mind these few simple steps can provide are worth considering if you want to extend the life of your car battery and avoid the frustration of ending up stranded somewhere because your battery died unexpectedly.

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