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The Beginner’s All Essential Guide to the Driver CPC Theory Test

“If you are considering beginning your journey to becoming a fully qualified HGV driver, may we be the first to congratulate you on taking this step” smiles the operations manager at HGV Training Cost. The road is a long and tedious one, but the overall investment can be highly beneficial and we cannot wait to assist you on your way to reach this new career.

To become a qualified HGV driver in the United Kingdom, it is essential that you obtain the Driver CPC qualification. This can be achieved by undergoing a vast amount of training, completing different medical exams and passing four separate tests – two theoretical tests and two practical tests. In this article, we will provide information on how to undergo the theoretical test procedure and what is required to pass.

• Booking the Theoretical Test

Booking the theoretical test is potentially the simplest and easiest part of the examination procedure. Once you are prepared, it is recommended that you visit the government website to locate your closest testing centre and book a position for testing. It is possible to book through third-party websites, but these websites often charge commission rates in addition to the booking prices and you will end up paying an amount more than charged by government websites. In total, the theory test should cost approximately £7 and this can be adapted for those with hearing, reading or translated from another language at the booking centre, subject to prior notice.

• Writing the Test on the Day

On the day of the examination, it is necessary to head to the testing centre at the noted time with your booking confirmation details and identification. If you do not have this information, it is likely that you will not be allowed to take the test. Once all the information has been checked and verified, you will be shown to a computer station and provided with some headphones to begin the theoretical examination.

The theory exam is separated into two separate categories: the multiple choice section and the hazard perception section. The multiple choice section is the simplest of the categories to understand as you merely need to select the correct answer from the options of answers provided for each question. It is an intensive test with 100 questions to be answered in 115 minutes and you must answer 85 correctly in order to pass. In some instances, there may be more than one correct answer and if you are unsure of a response you can ‘flag’ it to return at a later time.

The hazard perception section of the Driver CPC theory test requires the person to identify hazardous situations in a number of films. In this category, you will need to view 19 films which all present with two hazards and the aim is to identify the hazardous items as quickly as possible. The faster the hazard is identified, the more points you receive. In total, there are 100 points to score and you must receive 65 for a pass.

• What Happens If I Fail the Test?

All people have bad days where they don’t perform well, even the most intelligent or studious of us. However, when those bad days happen we often hope they do not fall on days when we need some positive energy. This taken into account, it is understandable that a person taking their Driver CPC theory test may fail the first time.

An initial failure can be depressing, but it does not need to be seen as a rejection and you should persevere because it is possible to apply for the test again without worrying about past marks influencing the score. All tests are marked independently and retakes are free, so you can try again without having to pay another booking charge.

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