The worst accidents in the world

Despite the fact that tens of thousands of materials and publications have been written about the observance of traffic rules, the number of accidents around the world is constantly increasing. Most of them end, fortunately, without threat to the lives and health of road users, although they are always accompanied by material damage. But some have become notorious for the large number of victims and victims at the same time.

cars were involved in this traffic incident

Every year in many states there are bans, restrictions and innovations that concern compliance with the rules of the road. However, the terrible and shocking accidents occur with enviable regularity. The deadly accidents shown in this rating below are a clear example of how important it is to remain attentive behind the wheel, not to drink alcohol and to regularly check the technical condition of your vehicle. Each of the accidents in the ranking can be judged as severe in its consequences.

UAE: The Dangerous Road Dubai – Abu Dhabi

Considered to be the busiest road in the richest Muslim country, visited by millions of tourists from around the globe each year. However, this is not the only disruptive factor – in the morning hours there is often fog, which makes visibility very difficult. Not surprisingly, one of the biggest car accidents took place here. The most famous are two cases. 

The first strikes not the number of victims, but the number of participants – then about 300 vehicles collided simultaneously or were involved in a collision. There were three victims. The second case was attended by 130 cars, there were no fatalities, but about 60 people suffered. All this led to the formation of half a kilometer jam.

Deadly maneuver in Egypt 

This major accident by world standards occurred in another tourist Mecca in 2012. The driver of the bus was carrying 70 people in the cabin and decided to overtake a truck on the highway. Having failed to cope with the control (one of the reasons was that he exceeded the allowed number of passengers), he allowed the vehicle to fall into an irrigation canal. 

The unfortunate result of the accident was 57 dead, some of whom had arrived on tourist visas from various countries of the world. Several dozen ambulances, firefighters and police patrols were involved in the rescue operation.

Fireworks in the Celestial Empire 

Fire shows and fireworks are loved by millions of people of all ages across the planet. Sometimes pyrotechnics can be dangerous, and on a rather impressive scale. On New Year’s Eve, a truck had to deliver a huge number of fireworks to its destination at the same time. As a result of a detonation, they ignited prematurely, turning the truck into a huge glowing torch. 

This accident was not the only thing that made the world famous – the truck was moving over a concrete bridge at that moment. As a consequence of strong explosions, several concrete spans collapsed and other vehicles began to fall in. As a result, five people died and dozens were disabled.

Acid tanker from sunny Florida 

A dozen cars were involved in this traffic incident, as well as a tanker truck carrying a dangerous chemical reagent. It is still unclear exactly who was responsible for the massive event, but there was a collision between the cars and the tanker that caused it to flip over. 

This gruesome accident resulted in the death of 3 people, and a couple dozen others were dangerously injured and maimed. Tons of chemicals were spilled on the roadway. Hundreds of thousands of dollars from local budgets were spent to clean up the accident.

The Mexican “bike ride” 

More than 10 years ago an enormously tragic road accident happened in Mexico and became world famous. It took place during the traditional bicycle race, and the culprit was only one passenger car. Dozens of athletes from different countries participated in the bicycle race through the northern Mexican states. The driver, who had been drinking heavily at the wheel, struck a group of cyclists who were racing towards him. 

As a result, many injured participants of the race. Some of them could never return to their favorite sport. Sad statistics show that every other fatal traffic accident is alcohol-related.

Desert Storm 

This large scale and resonance of the accident took place in the U.S. state of California in the distant 1991. This time a sandstorm, considered a frequent occurrence in the area, was to blame. Mass accidents began on one of the busiest highways in the state at a time when visibility was virtually reduced to zero. 

Because drivers could not see the road conditions properly, they began to collide with each other. In total, more than 100 vehicles were involved in the accident. The sad results of this sandstorm are 17 dead and half a dozen injured.

How to avoid fatal accidents 

The Nunez Law Firm comments that not all accidents are defined as “terrible” by the number of vehicles involved. Sometimes there may be 2 or 3, but the number of victims and material damage impresses even the experienced rescuers. The rules of the road were designed to ensure the safety of all participants, but it works only if they are strictly observed.

Many of the worst accidents are not solely the fault or lack of experience of drivers, but are the consequence of a number of adverse factors. Nevertheless, as statistics show, negligence, inattention, and even drunk driving have a direct detrimental effect and increase the likelihood of a sad outcome. It is in our power to do everything we can to reduce the number of such accidents.

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